45 years after the official opening, Kilchzimmer was closed with a big thanksgiving service.

Stephen Garrett became the Area Director for South West Europe.


Children’s Ministry Leadership Courses (CLMC) is now offered each year across the Region, with courses in 2016 being held in Ireland, Kilchzimmer, Romania and Ukraine.


CEF ministry was established in all 48 countries of Europe.


Henry Berry became the Area Director for South West Europe. Roy Harrison took on responsibility for North West Europe.


Gerd-Walter Buskies became the European Director.


CEF Area Directors were appointed – Jakob Wiebe for Eastern Europe, Sebastian Edelmann for Central Europe and Chris Haaijer for South West Europe.


The print shop in Holderbank was sold; CEF literature could be printed in Eastern Europe and elsewhere.


The CEF office in Moscow was purchased.


The first three-month Leadership Training Institute in Russian was held outside Kiev.


Roy and Ruth Harrison became European Directors.

Launch of the distribution of 25 million tracts to children in Eastern Europe and the follow-up through correspondence courses.


Paul and Audrey Reid started the Education Department, based at Kilchzimmer.


CEF purchased a watch factory in Holderbank to use as the print shop for Europe.


Roy and Ruth Harrison moved to Switzerland to start the Literature Department.


Gus Matero and Max Mackie, based in Finland, made their first visit to the Soviet Union.


The first Leadership Training Institute (today: CMLC) was held in English at Lamorlaye in France in the buildings of the European Bible Institute.

Trudy Kuhlman, who was working with CEF in Vienna, travelled to Czechoslovakia to visit some of Mildred Droppa’s contacts – the beginning of the CEF work in the “closed” communist countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

September 1964

Following the CEF Institute in USA, Sam and Sadie Doherty were appointed CEF Regional Directors for Europe.


The first European CEF Conference was held in Lisbon, Portugal with 35 participants, with Mrs Ruth Overholtzer (the wife of the founder of CEF) taking part. It was followed (in July 1970) by a European CEF Conference in Sweden.


Henry Eskelund, who had married Minnie (née Larsen), took the CEF Institute in USA. In 1954 Herman van Brummelen, who had married Marie (née Tripp) took the Institute in USA. Both couples returned to Europe to direct the work in Denmark (Eskelunds) and the Netherlands (van Brummelens).


James and Velma Kiefer started the ministry in Germany.


Minnie Larsen arrived in Copenhagen to begin the work in Denmark.

Mildred Droppa arrived in Prague to begin the work in Czechoslovakia. She only served there for two years, before the communist regime forced her to leave.


Bernard and Harriet Swanson (from USA) arrived in Gothenburg to begin the work in Sweden.

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